David Gendron

Senior Researcher


  • Organic synthesis chemistry
  • Macromolecular chemistry (small molecules, dendrimers and polymers)
  • Organic optoelectronic (liquid crystals, field-effect transistor)
  • Production and storage of renewable energy: organic photovoltaic, supercapacitor and lithium battery
  • Soft robotic
  • Electrochemistry
  • Paint and coating formulation
  • Project management


  • Postdoctoral fellowship in soft robotic (electroactive actuators)and in advanced materials  (carbon nanotubes and graphene) (2016) – Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Italy
  • Postdoctoral fellowship in organic optoelectronic (macromolecules synthesis for application in solar cells devices) and crystallographic studies of model compounds) (2014) – Centre for Organic Photonics and Electronics (COPE), Australia
  • Ph.D in polymer chemistry (conjugated polymer for organic electronic) (2012) – Université Laval
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry (2007) – Université Laval


Dr Gendron possesses more than 12 years in academic R&D. After a Ph.D in polymer chemistry under the supervision of Mario Leclerc, he completed two postdoctoral fellowship stages, one in organic optoelectronic (Australia) and one in robotics (Italy). Back in Canada, he worked in the private section for 2 years on the development of specialty coatings for digital projection (cinema) and on the development of advanced materials for energy storage (lithium metal polymer battery and supercapacitor). He joined Kemitek’s team in 2018.


  • Development of novel polymerized ionic liquids for application electroactives actuators (patent appl.)
  • Development of opto- and electroactives materials for organic electronic (more than 20 publications, h-index of 12, more than 2200 citations)


  • Adjunt Professor – Department of Chemistry (Université Laval)
  • Member, Ordre des Chimistes du Québec (OCQ)
  • Member, Canadian Society for Chemistry (CSC)
  • Member, American Chemical Society (ACS)
  • Member, Material Research Society (MRS)


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Book chapters:

  • D. Gendron, Ionic Polymer Metal Composites for Sensors and Actuators, Springer, 2019.
  • Bubak, D. Gendron, Hybrid Polymer Composites Materials : Properties and Characterisation, Woodhead Publishing, Elsevier, 2017.


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