Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter (110L)

Pilot plant


  • Material : Stainless steel 1.4404
  • Filtration area : 5,1 m²
  • Filtration cake capacity : 110 L
  • Maximum pressure : 6 barg
  • Maximum temperature : 150ºC
  • Double wall for heating the appliance and drying the cake
  • Butterfly valve and vibration motor for cake discharging


  • Flexible filter type : allows pressure filtration directly through its stainless steel mesh screen, but it is also possible to use a filter cloth or filtration aids to obtain the desired particle size without having to change the main rebates.
  • Large surface/volume ratio


  • Can be used in several fields of application such as the industry of crude oils, fatty acids, hydrogenation, bleaching, waxes, resins and cold fractionation.