Josée Labrecque

Scientific Assistant


  • Organic synthesis chemistry
  • Formulation and emulsification
  • Analysis and testing
  • Biodiesel


  • Diploma of college studies (DEC) in Chemical Process Engineering (2002) – Institut de chimie et de pétrochimie du Collège de Maisonneuve


Ms. Labrecque has been working as a scientific assistant with Kemitek since her arrival in 2003. Her research support function allows her to be involved in the design and implementation of the vast majority of research projects being worked on at Kemitek.


  • Study on the valorization of seal oil
  • Study on the oxidative stability of Canadian biodiesels according to the EN 14112 method (Rancimat)
  • Study on the valorization of mink oil
  • Developed new technology for the combustion of waste oils
  • Developed a new process for the fractioning of fats by precipitation of a urea complex
  • Developed rust-proofing oil for cars with a low level of volatile organic components (VOCs)
  • Developed a new oleochemical heat transfer fluid for use in electrical transformers, at low temperatures
  • Developed an oleochemical plasticizing agent for polyethylene and developed a process for its use
  • Developed a new biodegradable surfactant
  • Developed a fuel emulsion reducing polluting emissions
  • Developed a new method for valorization of glycerol originating from biodiesel
  • Developed a process for treating lumber against bad weather, insects and fungi
  • Developed a form oil formulation
  • Developed a new vegetable oil and fatty alcohol based protective agent for lumber
  • Developed a low viscosity and low-level of volatile organic components rust-proofing formulation for automobiles
  • Developed an enzyme synthesis for a new flaxseed oil esters based protective wax for wood
  • Developed canola oil based emulsifiable concentrates

Publications & Patents:

  • Patent pending: Isolating oils for use in electrical equipment (2005)